When you place your order, we will arrange to receive your Jeep Wrangler OEM Freedom Top® hardtops direct from Chrysler at our Wisconsin facility. Our highly trained technicians will then custom cut and install your JeeTops™ panels to spec, and then ship to you within approximately two weeks.

If you do not have the ability to drive without your hardtop for two weeks, we will ship your completed JeeTops™ panels to you. At that time, you will need to return your original OEM panels to the manufacturer.

Each JeeTops™ order includes snap-in sun shades for sunny, hot environments when drivers want to benefit from a closed and air-conditioned environment.  The shades also provide an extra layer of insulation, protecting you and your riders from cold or warm extremes.

Installing Your JeeTops™

Installing you JeeTops™ is a breeze. Just remove your old tops and replace them with your new JeeTops™. It’s that simple. JeeTops™ uses new and reconditioned factory tops and guaranties them with our 5 year or 50,000 mile limited warranty.

Maintaining Your JeeTops™

JeeTops™ are made of the same acrylic material that is used to engineer aircraft canopies, such as the F16 Jet. This next generation of impact resistant acrylic blocks 99% of UV-A & UV-B rays, making them energy efficient and virtually indestructible. However, should your top suffer any damage, it can easily be easily buffed out if rugged outdoor experiences happen to bring a surface scratch.


1.       Do not to use abrasives on your JeeTops™.
2.       Do not use window cleaning products that contain ammonia or alcohol on your JeeTops™.  NEVER use alcohol based cleaners or cleaning solvents/ bug removers on the impact modified acrylic.
3.       Never use cleaner waves or spray wax on your JeeTops™.

To Clean Your JeeTops™

Soapy water or gentle glass cleaner like Sprayway and only micro fiber towels are best for cleaning acrylic. In Spring and Fall, wax with pure carnuba paste wax an only micro fiber towels.

If ever in doubt, contact JeeTops™ , and we can give you a solid answer. Read more on Plexiglass Care HERE.