In the beginning the inspiration behind the patented JeeTops design was simply to let the light in. But in fact it has become so much more!

A Jeep owner knows there is nothing better than having the freedom to take the top off and see the world around you. But what happens when mother nature has other plans? No problem for JeeTops. With 180° panoramic panels you can still enjoy the view without the inconvenience or worry.

JeeTops are the premium custom hardtop on the market today. We receive Jeep Wrangler OEM hardtops direct from Chrysler. To create Jeetops 180° Front Panels and Panoramic Rear Seat Panels we install top-of-the-line acrylic panels cut to custom specifications.

Jeetops are made of next generation aircraft-grade impact-modified acrylic, the same material that is used to engineer aircraft canopies, and many other aircraft window applications.

The material is 1/16th thicker than a standard tempered sunroof glass, yet it has increased resilience and strength. JeeTops are impact resistant, scratch resistant, and block out 99% of UV-A and UV-B rays. The snap-in sunshade is designed to hold up to the most extreme off roading and is a breeze to install and remove.